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The Lazy Woman's Ratatouille

From my high school buddy, Tracy Weiss


· 2 red onions

· Eggplants (depends on size... usually 2 medium)

· 2 zucchini

· 2 either yellow squash *Note from Sam: I only had zucchini so doubled up

· Tomatoes

· Fresh basil

· Dill (fresh or dried) *Note from Sam: Hubby isn’t a huge dill fan so I omitted

· Oregano

· Mozzarella (slices or shredded or whatever type of cheese you like)

· Olive oil

· Salt

· Pepper

· 1lb of your favorite sausage, uncased. *Note from Sam: I like to use our Italian


1. Prep the veggies and put in separate bowls. *Note from Tracy: I frequent use my food processor so that all the slices are the same.

2. Clean & cut onions in half and then slice.

3. Cut eggplant in half and then slice. *Note from Sam: I used the Japanese eggplant in my veggie share so I cut them into discs.

4. Zucchini and squash, you can separate if you like but I usually cook together so they share a bowl. Slice them as disks.

5. To expedite cooking, get two pans out and cook stuff simultaneously. *Note from Sam: I used 1 pan and it takes a long tome to cook everything off.

6. Have the final destination of the veggies, a baking dish, close at hand.

7. Preheat oven to 375 deg F

8. Onions are the bottom layer. In pan 1 heat up olive oil and add red onions. Sauté until a little before translucent. Season with salt & pepper.

9. Pour onions into baking pan.

10. Pan 2 heat olive oil and add eggplants. The eggplant tends to soak up the olive oil quickly so after a couple minutes I add a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water and place the lid on the pan for a couple minutes. Season with salt, pepper and oregano.

11. Once cooked, empty eggplant on top of onion layer.

12. Brown off the ground sausage and place on top of the eggplant layer.

13. Back in pan 1, add more olive oil and zucchini & squash. Sauté till almost done, add salt, pepper and dill (fresh or dried).

14. Once cooked, empty zucchini & squash on top of eggplant layer.

15. Once precooked veggies are in the baking dish, put a layer of sliced tomatoes on top, give them a little sprinkle of salt and fresh basil.

16. Finally add mozzarella layer and place in the oven for 20-30 mins based on how you like your cheese.

17. Once cooked, let rest about 10 mins before serving.


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