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Why Would a Farm
Create Books?


Why Would a Farm

It all started with the pandemic and the wave of contact-less, online ordering that most businesses saw. Up until March of 2020 the farm had completely relied on face-to-face sales, but in 2020 it became obvious this wasn’t enough. The farm needed to find a way to connect with all the new customers who Samantha and Scott had never met. After some research, multiple farmer podcasts later and getting over both their fears of writing, the couple settled on a weekly newsletter/email to connect with the farm's new customers.

Two things surprised them. 1st, the farm's existing customers enjoyed the news from the farm as much as its new customers. 2nd, Sam and Scott enjoyed writing and sharing all their animal’s hijinks as much as their new found friends liked reading about them. It became a way to permanently record life on Bull City Farm (some of these stories on Samantha's blog).

By the autumn of 2020, with the encouragement of friends and family, Sam and Scott started thinking about putting their weekly updates into a book of short stories. By the spring of 2021 they started seriously thinking about it (it takes a while for new ideas to catch on with these two) and did some research which led Sam to discover Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and what a discovery that was.

Amazon KDP has allowed Samantha to create the journal size and style she wants, the datebook/planner she has only dreamed of and the potential collaboration with a fellow farmer on a homesteading journal.

Sam and Scott are still working on their story collection which will be listed along with the books that catch their fancy (so many things to create!)

Our Books


planner cover.jpg

For 4 years Samantha has hand draw her own datebook using a particular brand of dot journal. Unfortunately, this dot journal went out of print in 2021 which started an epic search for the perfect bullet journal so Samantha could make her own planner (this is really not as crazy as it sounds, I swear).

animal page for website.png
weekly page left side for website.png

The obvious plus to this is that anyone can purchase it. Take a look and see if this 8.5x11(5 weeks per month), customizable planner is a good fit for you.

Rose Planner

It all started with the search for the perfect planner, like the one Samantha had in 2013 (the most perfect planner of all times). She has NEVER been able to find the same format again. So, after years of settling (because this family would never waste good money) she was introduced to the bullet journal by a fellow small business owner.

page one for website.png

After months of searching Samantha threw her hands in the air and admitted defeat. There had to be a way to get her way....she prefers things that way.

While lamenting her planner-less fate (and obvious complete and utter demise) to her very tolerant daughter one day, the oldest Bull City Farm kid introduced her mother to the services offered by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

weekly page right side website.png
diasy cover.jpg
Date book for website.png
Date book for website(4).png
Date book for website(2).png
Date book for website(5).png

Daisy Planner

A whole new planner for a whole new year! There's a new look and a few need additions.

Date book for website(3).png


This sweet 7x10", 132 page bullet dot and sketch journal featues George the Geriatric Emu on the cover. The inside of this journal is just as unique as the outside with a lovely story of George and his barnyard friends, followed by 2 index pages, dotted graphed and sketch pages. Perfect for all your daily notes, thoughts, sketches and ideas.


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