So you want to buy our products?

Come visit us at the South Durham Farmers Market every Saturday until 12 or come see us during one of our Open Farm Days! Some items sell out fast so click the Order Now button above to guarantee you get what you need! Online purchases can be picked up at the South Durham Farmers Market, on farm or delivered to your door.


Meat Shares

We are very excited to announce not only CSA boxes with our products, but a collaborative box with veggies as well! We have several sizes with monthly or one-time payment options, perfect for your situation or family. Not sure if you want to take the plunge? We have a sampler boxes as well! Take buying meat each week off your to do list and click the link below!


Farmstead Sausages

Our farmstead sausage journey started kind of as a happy accident. Before Samantha’s father passed, he wanted to taste an English Banger that tasted the way he remembered them growing up and Samantha rose to the task! She made the sausage and after resounding positive feedback, she decided to continue dabbling until it became a key portion of our business! The list of sausage is ever growing and changing so check out our the link below for what’s currently available.


Pasture Raised


Have you ever cracked open an egg and marveled at the deep, rich color of the yoke? Well, you might have if you’ve ever bought eggs from us! Our completely free-range chickens spend their days scratching for bugs in the shade of an oak or following around one of our cows waiting for that big brown pay day. Not only do they save us the trouble of spreading that manure, but all that buggy protein means their eggs are about as packed full of nutrients as you can get! With all that does it surprise you our girls are Animal Welfare Approved?

Daisy Treats

This one is for man’s best friend! Named after our American Bull Dog Daisy (since passed), your four legged friends are sure to love this product as much (if not more) than she did. Made from a mixture of ground pork and pork organs, it’s all pasture raised and guaranteed to make your pup drool!

Finn and treat.jpg

Meat Cuts

Not a huge fan of lamb? Try ours before you knock it! Our sheep are a hair breed which have a much milder taste. They’re also 100% grass fed and Animal Welfare Approved which only makes it better.

As for our pork, it’s 100% pasture raised, (read more about pasture raised vs grass fed HERE) fed locally milled feed and supplemented with seconds from various organic farms around the area. In case you’re interested, we have several breeds of pigs ranging from Berkshire mixes, American Guinea Hog but the real star of the show are our Mangalitsas. Be sure to ask what breed you’re buying at checkout, because we have a few and boy oh BOY does it make a difference!

There's also our non-GMO, pasture raised turkey cuts. No need to wait for the holidays for your turkey fix! We raise enough during the season to have our flavorful turkey year round.


Visit our store (Monday to Thursday at 5pm) to pre-order our current selection of pork/lamb cuts or just visit us at the South Durham Farmer’s Market!


Herd Shares (Raw Milk)

You read it right, raw milk! Here’s the summary, you buy our herd shares and we give you fresh raw milk every week. If you still have questions head over to our page dedicated to this subject HERE or click the link below to go straight to our store!

living social 10.jpg


After 2020 we realized that relying on face-to-face sales of our products just isn't enough. The farm needed to find a way to connect with new customers who Samantha and Scott had never met. This line of thinking led them to their first book creations!

What Ya Thinking.png

This is a 132 page bullet dot and sketch journal along with a lovely story of George the Geriatric Emu and his barnyard friends. To  see a sneak peak of the inside or to purchase click the link below.

This is a whimsical, flexible datebook is 8.5x11, 150 pages and can be started anytime you wish by filling in your own months and dates. Each month has a flower design that grows through the book allowing for creative embellishments along the way! Each week has extra space for menu planning, exercise, rainfall,  work hour recording or anything you like with plenty of space for notes doodles or quotes. To  see a sneak peak of the inside or to purchase click the link below.