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Treat Your Dogs!

"Treat" Your Dogs Like The Ones at Bull City Farm

It all started when this nose to tail farm routinely had a surplus of liver and kidney
from our hogs and a dog who didn’t like treats from the store. To keep the dogs
happy, and our freezers void of unsellable cuts, we started dehydrating our excess
liver, kidney and ground pork to make a treat that everyone agreed was worth doing
tricks for.
Our farmstead dog treats have been in the works for a few years during which time
we lost our beloved American Bulldog, Daisy, who was our biggest fan. Even though
Daisy only got to taste the prototypes, Bellatrix, Raider and Finn have all given 4
paws up!

Meet Our Pups

Meet our pups



Daisy was the inspiration for our treats. This American Bulldog rescue was our everything. She loved full head massages, running and drooling (her drool was legendary) and generally being adored (which she was) and adoring us (which she did).

She was petrified of leaving the farm so our wonderful large animal vet made an exception to his "no small animals" rule and did all her vet care here. When we knew she was coming to the end of her life we promised her the vet would come to her not the other way round. In true Daisy spirit she passed under her terms, on her farm with her family. No vet assistance needed. She is missed terribly!


Bellatrix (Trix)

Our first Australian Shepherd,Trix, is a bit of a nut, or I should say that she was a neurotic mess until she lost her sight. Somehow loosing her sight has given her an inner calm instead of sending her over the edge into doggie Prozac territory. When we realized she was loosing her sight our biggest concern was her mental state, how would she deal with her fears and anxieties? In true Trix fashion she decided what she cant see can't hurt her (unlike the old Trix who believed anything she could see WOULD hurt her). She was a lovely herder which has certainly benefited her now that she can't see a thing. We use some of her herding commands to help her navigate her surroundings.

She might be a bit of a mess but we love her to bits and wouldn't change a thing about her!


trix 1.jpg
DSC_0071 (2).JPG


Raider is a beautifully serious English Shepherd who reminds Sam of the oldest Bull City Farm kid, Mira.

Raider loves her family and views everyone else who visits the farm with suspicion.

She also loves to chase balls, barking, talking to anyone who will listen, barking, waking up the youngest Bull City Kid (even on his days off), barking, scratches under the chin and a good belly rub (only when it isn't too undignified)....did I mention she likes to bark?

We love everything about this beautiful beast (except maybe the barking).


Finn is our newest addition, and what a wonderful addition he has been. At 16 months he is the youngest BCF child in dog form!

He is wide open, loving (he a hugger), goofy and a comedian. He hasn't met anyone or anything he isn't willing to befriend, his heart is about as big as his 60+lbs. 

This pup has us in stitches most of the time, he does everything with gusto!

Scott has a soft spot for this ball of fur and lets him get away with way too much but Sam keeps him in line. Our little pack would be much more sedate without him but no where near as much fun.

Finn and treat.jpg
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