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All raised on pasture 100% of the time

Not a huge fan of lamb? Try ours before you knock it! Our sheep are a hair breed which have a much milder taste. They’re also 100% grass fed and Animal Welfare Approved which only makes it better.

As for our PORK, it’s 100% pasture raised, (read more about pasture raised vs grass fed HERE) fed locally milled feed and supplemented with seconds from various organic farms around the area. In case you’re interested, we have several breeds of pigs ranging from Berkshire mixes, American Guinea Hog but the real star of the show are our Mangalitsas. Be sure to ask what breed you’re buying at checkout, because we have a few and boy oh BOY does it make a difference!

There's also our non-GMO, pasture raised TURKEY cuts. No need to wait for the holidays for your turkey fix! We raise enough during the season to have our flavorful turkey year round.


Our freedom ranger CHICKEN cannot be beat with the flavor that comes from running and playing all day long.

Our DOG TREATS are made from our pastured pork offal and ground making them irresistible to your furry friend. Named after our American Bull dog Daisy, these treats are perfect for training and that special reward.

Visit our store (Monday to Thursday at 5pm) to pre-order our current selection of pork/lamb cuts or just visit us at the South Durham Farmer’s Market!

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