Pork, Sausages, Eggs, Turkey and Lamb
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Pasture raised eggs


Raw Milk

Pork by the cut, boxes and shares



Pasture Raised Turkey


Our Farmstead Sausages

Grass-Fed Lamb


As with all our animals, our pigs are on pasture 100% of the time. We feed a locally milled feed optimized for the health of the animal heavily supplemented with seconds from area organic vegetable farms. Our heritage mixed breed pigs are rotated frequently so they have fresh forages, roots to dig up and bugs to eat. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to run around and generally behave like pigs.  


Because we raise our pigs outside you’ll taste the difference compared to conventionally raised pork. Ours is sweeter, more flavorful and you’ll have the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing they had a great life.


We have 3 bags available, the Perfect pig, The Farmstead Sausage Box and Customer's Choice.


The Perfect Pig

Whether you’re feeding a family or a couple this box is great to have on hand when you’re having one of those ‘What’s for dinner’ moments. It’s got a little bit of everything. You’ll get loin chops, roasts, bacon and our unique sausages.

Customer's Choice

I don’t know if you you’ve heard but we have some pretty cute insulated totes. We’ll let you fill the bag with whatever cut of meat strikes your fancy so long as the zipper can close properly.


The sausage of the month club

how would you like to be part of the farmstead sausage making creative process? Each month you'll be the first to try new recipes before they become available for sale at our markets. we already have 2 recipes in the development phase, a green chorizo (made with tomatillos)  and the Carolina sweet and hot (made with sweet potatoes).

some of the recipes on the horizon include a cheddar and beer brat, a balsamic vinegar and cream and a Scandinavian style potato sausage. It's going to be an exciting year!

Each month you'll get 1lb of sausage to try and give your opinion on.



Pasture Raised Eggs

Our colorful Animal Welfare Approved Eggs come from our completely free-range chickens.  They're in the same pastures as our sheep, cows and horses scratching through manure making sure every bit of this fertilizer is utilized.  In the summer they help keep our fly population down by eating larvae. They also eat lots of insects and grass making their yolks beyond compare. Better tasting and better for you. Plus did you hear? Our girls are Animal Welfare Approved!



AWA Grass-fed Lamb

When envisioning Bull City Farm, in addition to chickens and cows, Scott wanted sheep while Samantha was set on goats.  20 years and numerous naughty goats later Bull City Farm has only one very well behaved goat and around 60 sheep showing that we can all learn from our mistakes.  
Bull City Farm's flock is made up of St Croixs and Katahdins.  Both are types of hair sheep making them well suited to our hot and humid summers.



Pasture Raised Turkey

Our Bronze Breasted Turkeys have lived their entire lives outside on pasture, eating June bugs and Japanese beetles along with anything else they could catch (including at least one toad!). They have run, jumped and frolicked with plenty of space to roam around.

All our birds will be processed before thanksgiving at Dependable Poultry in Hurdle Mills, packaged for the freezer then kept at about -20 F. Ordering before November assures a 30% per pound discount ($7/lb), starting in November the full price of $10/lb will go into effect.

Pick up will occur on Saturday Nov. 17th and Tuesday Nov. 20th at the South Durham Farmers’ Market in Greenwood Commons and on the farm Sunday Nov. 18th. We have the capacity to thaw birds out if necessary.

Make sure to leave an up to date email with this purchase so you can be contacted about the weights of the birds and arrange pick up. In the past they have ranged from 12lbs to 25lbs with the average weight at 18lbs.

Please read the NC agrotourism law before visiting Bull City farm

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