Creamy Kimchi Sausage with Pasta


Photo credit: misshangrypants I don't often put a recipe in my weekly email without trying it first but I was pretty excited about this one so I did😊 I love our kimchi sausage and am sharing it with the world for the first time this week. When I did a trial with my Sausage of the Month Club the most asked question was "how should I serve it". We've always put it on rice or added it to eggs but it seemed like there should be so much more out there for this delightfully tangy and crunchy sausage. A quick internet search resulted in this recipe which calls for cream and parmesan....I was intrigued but dubious. Last night we tried the recipe and I was floored! The fatness from the milk and the cheese went beautifully with the sharp tang of the kimchi. A lovely meal....terrible photo though. Our kimchi sausage is made with Durham's own The Spicy Hermit kimchi and can be preordered on our Square Store or purchased this Saturday at the South Durham Farmers' Market in Greenwood Commons. You can also purchase The Spicy Hermit kimchi from our Square Store

Here's the recipe for Creamy Kimchi and Sausage Pasta