Will the Projects Ever End?

The Great Wood Extraction

If you've been by the farm any time in the last 3 months you'll notice a nice new building half way up the driveway. This building will be our visitor space, serving as "home" for summer camps, a classroom for our cheesemaking and sausage making sessions, a place to pick up when you preorder or need to grab your herd share milk and somewhere for us to potentially open up a farm store. It has looked a little funny being half finished, sort of like a one room fishing shack. That is all about to change starting today! This sweet little building is getting a wraparound porch. I know, pretty exciting…right? To say I'm excited about this addition is such an understatement as to border on the ridiculous. It has been in the planning stages for years, sat in kit form for a year, on the wait-list for concrete since November, and, most recently, on a two month wait-list for locally milled lumber for the porch (picked up last night). We still have to wait for the roofing metal till the end of next week but cross your fingers Ball Construction doesn't have a big job lined up next wh