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Cow shares are now legal in NC! What does that even mean? It means you can now get 1/2 a gallon of local, raw milk legally through the purchase of a cow share. We currently have 2 pick up sites, Mondays on the farm and Saturday mornings at the South Durham Farmers' Market (currently full. Email to get put on our wait list). We have a lot more details on our After your initial buy-in there is a monthly $22.50 room and board fee and a yearly $25 vet/breeding fee (both of which you will receive invoices for). This initial purchase includes:$50 buy-in to the herd (one-time fee), $10 for 3 reusable glass bottles (one-time fee so long as the bottles are returned), $25 yearly fee for vet care and breeding (recurring), $22.50 monthly room and board (recurring)

Herd Share Initial Purchase

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