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Why the focus on education?

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Samantha taught her first summer camp the summer of 1999, 7 months pregnant with a 2yr old in tow. A friend asked if she would be the 2nd adult in a sweet little camp she was running. Sam had a blast, it was exhausting, but she had so much fun! She knew then that she wanted to incorporate education into their very (at that time) nebulous farm plan.
As Scott and Samantha's farm evolved and their children grew, Samantha started offering more camps to more kids focusing on themes that meant something to her (and would entertain their personal kids).


All Bull City Farm's camps focus on the animals with a slight twist for the afternoon activities. They've have done everything from stop motion animation films to play production to group games to homestead crafts, but Samantha's favorites are Cow and Story Camps. Now she works alongside her eldest to provide some of the most creative farming camps around.

It doesn’t just end there, once you been bitten by the teaching bug it bleeds into all parts of your business! From chatting to our customers about the importance of sustainability, to discussing farming trials and tribulations with our fellow farmers, we see knowledge as something to be shared with your community.


Why the focus on education?
Summer Camps

2023 Summer Camps

Sorry but we aren't holding camps this year.


The Family Milk Cow

11am to ~4pm
Sunday March 26th

Anyone who knows me even slightly knows how much I love my Jersey cows. They are by far my favorite animals on the farm.

In this session you'll learn:

*what to look for in your newest family member

*what to feed them and where to get it

*common ailments

*how to safely collect and store their milk

*calf care

*what to look for in a bull

*safe handling

*the importance of good genetics

You'll go home with the knowledge and confidence to get your first cow (or just have fun learning and leave the milking to us:)

Cheese Making

10am to ~4pm
Sunday March 20th 

Making cheese in your kitchen is much easier than you might first think. This class covers all the basics and will provide a framework for further experimentation. Taught by Bull City Farm’s own Samantha Gasson you will share in her 20 years of home and production cheese making successes and failures. We’ll start with a basic overview including milk quality, bacterial cultures, coagulants and techniques designed to get you started on your own cheese making journey. You will leave with the ingredients (except the milk) necessary to make your first batch of homemade cheese.
We will tour the farm as the cheese making process allows so please bring shoes you don't mind getting dirty.

CHeese making class.jpg
Smoked Ploughman.jpg

Backyard Poultry and More

Turkeys, Chickens, ducks and geese

1pm to ~3pm
Sunday March 27th 
brown leghorn.JPG

Every summer my camp kid's parents ask when I'll start doing camp for adults. Well folks, this is your camp! Scott and Samantha have accumulated a broad set of skills and experiences with livestock making a lot of mistakes along the way. During this workshop we will share the good, the bad and the ugly in an honest discussion of our journey which will, hopefully, send you down the right path on your farming journey (or warn you off before it's too late).

Whether it’s a small backyard flock of hens, a couple of turkey for Thanksgiving or ducks for your pond we’ll cover all your poultry questions.

Do you love to doodle, sketch or draw or do you wish you knew how? Samantha will take you though the basics of composition, perspective and shading. After a quick lesson we’ll explore the farm with notebooks, pencils and erasers sketching as we go.

You’ll go home with the materials and skills to draw to your hearts content.

We get a lot of questions about who does all our farm artwork…Sam, that’s who.

american buff goose.png
herd sketch.jpg

Art on the Farm


12pm to ~4pm
Sunday April 10th

2021 Bull City Farm

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