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Spend the Summer at Bull City Farm

This Year's Camps

Cow Camp


June 15th to 19th


Story Telling Camp


rising 2nd graders and up

June 29th to July 3rd


horse care.jpg

Farm Camp for Teens


12 yrs old and up

June 22nd to 26th


1/2 day camp, 9am to 12pm


We will have transportation from Durham for a fee for some camps.

Camp Runs From9am to 3pm. After Camp Care Is Available For a FEE

All About Story Camp

........let your imagination soar

For this camp things get a little more imaginative. In it, the kids will participate in a week-long story where their decisions and actions shape the story around them. This story will be tailored to the group of kids that week with the head councilor, Mira ,acting as the guide and narrator. Much like a live D&D game, any actions taken will be followed by the roll of the dice, bringing an element of suspense as the kids anxiously wait for the dice to settle not knowing if luck is on their side. The kids will spend the first day learning the ins and outs of character creation and perfecting their own hero to play. The rest of the week will have a different conflict with the final day concluding in an epic finale! Don’t worry though! The kids will still feed the animals in the morning and get to explore the farm as much as they want.  



Bull City Farm offers a $20/ camp discount on multiple camps and a $20/sibling discount

Mira's Mini Camp

Not offered in 2020

This camp won’t have a specified theme like the other camps but rather be focused on what the kids want to do. They’ll have options such as, spending more time with the animals, building things in the woodshed, telling stories, building forts, gardening, etc. It could also turn into a mini version of one of our other camps, however this has to be decided by the kids on the first day so no promises. This camp will have considerably fewer kids so if you’re looking for a more personalized experience this may be for you.


Check each camp for minimum ages

How to Train a

Farm Animal

Not offered in 2020

Kids love animals and animals love kids, for the most part. How to Train a Farm Animal will teach your children how to interact with the 5 main groups of animals we have on the farm. As with all our camps, the morning will be spent feeding and taking care of all the animals. The afternoon will be spend with a focus on one of the groups we have on the farm (cows, pigs, chickens, horses and sheep). They’ll learn how to “read” the animal’s body language, how to care for them and what diseases and pests trouble them. This camp is a great introduction to the farm for kids who have never experienced farm animals up close but designed to broaden the knowledge base of even our most experienced Bull City Farm kids. There will be something for every experience level.


All Camps Run From 9am to 3pm. After Camp Care is Available for a fee.


Cow Camp

....every kid needs a cow

This session is all about our beautiful Jersey cows and calves.  You’ll learn how to milk, feed, halter and show them off to their best advantage.

We'll end the week with the Central Carolina District Junior Dairy Show in Hillsborough open to family and friends

You’ll get a chance to work with the other animals on the farm as well.

Farm Camp for Teens

Finding activities for teens during the long summer break can be a challenge. We get requests every year to include a camp just for older kids. Well, we listened, this camp gives teens an opportunity to learn all about the animals on the farm with kids their own age. We'll learn everything from cheese making to how to trim the sheep feet. This camp will be heavy on the vet side of the animal care.