Why We Farm

As my first blog post I thought this would be as good a place as any to start. Farming started out as a hobby for us but soon became an obsession, it really is all we think and talk about. Luckily my husband has an off farm job which allows us to have clothes on our back. Sure, we have food, the kids are well adjusted and we love what we do but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it would be nice to have a cleaner job, one that doesn’t empty a room when I show up (unless it’s a room of fellow farmers). I can’t count how many times I’ve shown up at a meeting with a teacher and had to excuse myself because I can smell my shoes…I usually sheepishly leave the room, depositing my shoes in the hallway then head back in.

Maybe the best way to think about this is to list my 10 favorite things about farming then the 10 things I hate about farming.

The Top 10 Things I LOVE About Farming:

1. We know where our food comes from...a biggie

2. I can trade with other farmers for the food we don’t grow

3. I enjoy the freedom of self-employment

4. We have a beautiful view out of every window

5. Animals are funny and silly and endlessly entertaining….I’m not kidding, we just spent a good 2 hours watching the piglets sleep and try to train one to walk on a harness.

6. We are never bored

7. Farmers’ markets are loads of fun as are farmers

8. Our kids are happy

9. I have boundless opportunities to bond with my kids while spending time fixing pig shelters in the ice, chasing pigs, popping boils on the face of a chicken, castrating, worming and sharing farm shoes that are as nasty on the inside as out.

10. I enjoy caring for my fellow animals. I have the best co-workers!

The Top 10…11 things I HATE About Farming:

1. That animals are unpredictable and frequently make me spend hours out in the sleet, ice, snow, rain or wind…while bonding with my children.

2. That animals can be mean to one another…think middle school girls

3. “Pink” pigs who abandon their babies

4. That poop smells bad

5. That poop makes me smell bad

6. That pigs instinctively know when you’re running late and choose that time to test the fence successfully…successfully for them not the fence

7. Chickens who want to lay their eggs in the house and scare the crap out of you while you’re sitting in the living room writing your first blog post when they choose to jump at the window. Why do we free range chickens?

8. When you’re bottle feeding piglets and one of them mistakes your toes for a nipple and bites you.

9. When you show up at your kid’s school to volunteer and realize your “clean” clothes are already dirty due to some sort of magnet power that pig poop has….and you SMELL.

10. That when people say there’s no money in farming and they’re right.

Added by our youngest:

11. “And I hate filling water troughs”……I think it builds character…he disagrees!

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