Local,Fresh milk from our happy jersey cows

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Bull City Farm's Cow Share Program

Cow shares are now legal in NC! What does that even mean?

It means you can now get local, raw milk legally through the purchase of a cow share.


We currently have 2 pick-up locations, Saturday mornings year round at the South Durham Farmers' Market and on the farm Mondays.

Here are some commonly asked questions but feel free to send Samantha an email if you still have questions (


Commonly Asked Questions

If your question isn't here be sure to email

1.What is a Cow Share?

A cow share is the same thing as a herd share (just the way the NC law is worded).

You purchase a share of a cow which gives you 1/2 gal of milk per week. There is an initial purchase fee then a monthly and yearly maintenance fee.

2.Where can I pick up my milk?

We will have 3 collections days a week to which you will be assigned. One of those will be Saturdays at the SoDu farmers’ market in south Durham, one on the farm and one in a central Durham location.

3.What if I want farm fresh milk but want it pasteurized?

We certainly understand that not everyone who wants fresh, high quality milk is looking for raw. Pasteurization is as simple as 2 pots, a thermometer and a timer. We can teach you how and give you the industry temperature and time guidelines.

4.What if I can’t pick up my milk one week?

If you can’t pick up your milk you will still be responsible for the monthly maintenance fee (the way the law is written we hare prohibited from selling the actual milk). We suggest offering it to a neighbor or friend.

5.What if I need more milk one week, can I purchase more?

Unfortunately, because of the way the law is written, we cannot sell milk by the gallon. You can always purchase additional shares if your needs increase.

6.Can I visit my cow?

We will have open farm days throughout the year where customers will be able to visit with their cows. Drop in visits are not possible with our current set up.

7.What is so great about raw milk?

There are some health benefits to drinking milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized (the fat is broken down so it will stay suspended preventing a cream line from forming).


8.Won’t I get sick drinking raw milk?

Raw milk is not dangerous if it is collected in a clean manner. In fact, raw milk is usually of a better quality because the farmer is more careful about contamination because they don’t have the pasteurization process to fall back on.

9.What is the cost?

Initial Share cost: $50 (Onetime fee that we will reimburse if during the first year you decide the program isn’t for you. A share gives you to 1/2  gal of milk per week)

Monthly room and board: $22.5 to be invoiced monthly

Yearly recurring fee: $25 (covers breeding, yearly vet check, yearly hoof trimming, pregnancy check, bull and land rental)

There will be a 1 $10 time fee for bottles.

You can purchase multiple shares to get the quantity of milk that's best for your family.

10.I’m in, what’s the next step?

Simple, just email or purchase your share here: