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You've got to try our pork, it’s 100% pasture raised, (read more about pasture raised vs grass fed HERE) fed locally milled feed and supplemented with seconds from various organic farms around the area. In case you’re interested, we have several breeds of pigs ranging from Berkshire mixes, American Guinea Hog but the real star of the show are our Mangalitsas. Be sure to ask what breed you’re buying at checkout, because we have a few and boy oh BOY does it make a difference! 


Visit our store (Monday to Thursday at 5pm) to pre-order our current selection of pork/lamb cuts or just visit us at the South Durham Farmer’s Market!

farmstead sausages

Farmstead Sausages

Our farmstead sausage journey started kind of as a happy accident. Before Samantha’s father passed, he wanted to taste an English Banger that tasted the way he remembered them growing up and Samantha rose to the task! She made the sausage and after resounding positive feedback, she decided to continue dabbling until it became a key portion of our business! The list of sausage is ever growing and changing so check out our the link below for what’s currently available.

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