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What's a Herd Share?

Herd shares are now legal in NC! On October 1st, 2018 a bill (called the North Carolina Farm Act of 2018) went into effect that made it legal for us to take raw milk from our cows, and deliver it into your hands weekly so long as you have purchased a herd share (more on the bill HERE). We’re not technically selling you milk since that is still illegal in NC, so think of it as an exclusive cow lovers club where you happen to get some milk every week as a bonus!

What's a Herd Share?



"We love our herd share with Bull City Farm.  The milk is so creamy & delicious.  Typically, the kids drink it all up before we get a chance to cook with it, but on the rare occasions that we have extra, it makes incredible farmer’s cheese. We also just feel really good about supporting such a sweet family farm."

~Carolyn Rose-Seed


How it Works
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It all starts an initial $107.50 purchase of a "share" of the herd (which includes the herd purchase, bottles, your first month of Room and Board and your first $25 yearly fee for vet care/breeding) and voilà! half a gallon of milk weekly is yours!


We have 3 pickup spots; Monday on the farm, Wednesdays in Durham and Saturdays at the South Durham Farmers Market.


Availability changes as the girls come on line, so check out our store, or email. If you have any more questions, feel free to check out the link below with other common questions!

"Having been to the farm and seen the environment that the cows are living in, and knowing the people who care for them, it’s no wonder this milk is so good! These are happy, well loved cows! The quality and nutritional value are so far beyond what you’ll find in store bought milk. I use the milk to make yogurt, paneer, and most often as a grounding nighttime tonic. I heat it with either turmeric (golden milk) or cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. I sleep so much better on the evenings I make one of these tonics. 

Your body will feel the difference!"

-Kathy Kondas

Isn't Raw Milk Bad?

What's so Great about Raw Milk?

There are some health benefits to drinking milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized (the process of breaking the fatty acid chains into smaller ones so they will stay suspended preventing a cream line from forming).


You can learn all about raw milk here

Raw milk is not dangerous if it is collected and stored in a clean manner. In fact, raw milk is usually of a better quality because the farmer is more careful about contamination because they don’t have the pasteurization process to fall back on.

We  are very careful to make sure our milk is handled and transported at the correct temperature and in the cleanest way possible, after all our family drinks our milk as well.

You don't have to be a raw milk advocate to enjoy the beautifully creamy farm fresh milk from well cared for cows. Many of our herd share customers pasteurize their milk before they drink or make yogurt, cheese or butter/ghee.

There is so much more to do with your herd share benefits than just drinking it.

We love the herd share, and the loving care that Bull City Farm gives to their farm and customers! Thank you, Samantha!

~Kelly McMullen and Scott Boggs

Meet Our Girls

Meet our Girls!

Aaaaand finally, the stars of the show! Just in case you were wondering where your milk comes from, here’s a list of all our girls! Depending on the time of year, (we offset breed so they get a break between milk cycles) you’ll be receiving milk from one of these girls. Fun fact, we keep track of who’s related to who through the first letter in their name just in case you were curious!


Rose We've had Rose since she was a calf. She has been to multiple 4-H shows and is one of the camp kid's favorites (don't tell the others but she's Samantha's favorite as well)


Hettie It's amazing how quickly a jersey can worm her way into your heart. Hettie certainly didn't waste any time. She is already a farm favorite.


Holly Holly is Hettie's daughter and just had the spunkiest little heifer, Hazel.

Githa and Annie

Githa and Annie These beauties came to us from Brown Creek Dairy over towards Charlotte, NC along with Esme. Annie just had the sweetest little heifer we namesd Athena (after one of our camp counselors).Esme and Githa each had bull calves. All three have taken to motherhood very well. We are so lucky Brown Creek Dairy was willing to part with them!


Bella, This beautiful girl is one in a million. She is everything you want in a Jersey cow, a loving nature with a streak of spunk.....not too wide of a streak, just enough to make her fun. Her first calf on the farm was Beatrice whose spunk streak is much wider:)

Have a question about our herd shares?

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