Why the focus on education?

Samantha taught her first summer camp the summer of 1999, 7 months pregnant with a 2yr old in tow. A friend asked if she would be the 2nd adult in a sweet little camp she was running. Sam had a blast, it was exhausting, but she had so much fun! She knew then that she wanted to incorporate education into their very (at that time) nebulous farm plan.
As Scott and Samantha's farm evolved and their children grew, Samantha started offering more camps to more kids focusing on themes that meant something to her (and would entertain their personal kids).


All Bull City Farm's camps focus on the animals with a slight twist for the afternoon activities. They've have done everything from stop motion animation films to play production to group games to homestead crafts, but Samantha's favorites are Cow and Story Camps. Now she works alongside her eldest to provide some of the most creative farming camps around.

It doesn’t just end there, once you been bitten by the teaching bug it bleeds into all parts of your business! From chatting to our customers about the importance of sustainability, to discussing farming trials and tribulations with our fellow farmers, we see knowledge as something to be shared with your community.


From the teacher Mary Anna:

"I believe everyone has the spirit of an artist" (she really does! We’ve talked about it a lot). "You just need to give yourself permission to





We will do all of those activities in this workshop …on the farm…in nature…with the animals…together…alone"


10am to 2pm

Sunday November 14th, 2021

Bull City Farm is so excited to welcome our friend Mary Anna to the farm as our first art instructor. Having an art class on the farm has been a dream of mine for 15 years, I’ve been nagging Mary Anna for 4 of those. Mary Anna Hovey is a retired clinical psychologist who has been creating lovely painted sketchbook journals for 21 years. Join Mary Anna as we learn to make painted journals using watercolor.  We will supply the watercolors, a sketch book, a watercolor brush, an erasure, and some other goodies to play with (Mary Anna will cover supplies etc... during the class).

All you need to bring is a chair, and something to share for lunch (perfectly fine if you want to just bring something for yourself). The goals are… 

          *to begin to learn the process and joys of sketchbook journaling

          *to discover (or rediscover) your inner artist. This first class will be limited to 10.

Because this is a beta class only a $30 materials fee will be charged tuition will be $100 in the future).

Watercolor sheep in field

There is nothing like the smell of sausages sizzling on the stove top but there is a world of flavor that just isn't typically available at the grocery store or farmers' market. Have you ever wished you knew how to create your own signature seasoning? Once you understand the base you'll be ready to experiment with spices and fillers to craft a blend that will impress friends and family. In this workshop we'll take you through the process of making linked sausages. We'll cover grinding, incorporating your special mixes and then finally stuffing the sausages and forming the links. We'll visit the hogs on our farm and talk about the importance of meat quality and the merits of our different breeds.
You'll go home with the left overs from the day's experiments and meat from our hogs to make more sausages at home.

Sausage Making

1pm to 5pm

 June 28th-July 2nd

2021 Classes

Covid Accommodations

Masks are optional while we are outside but mandatory if inside.


We're sure we don't need to tell you this but if you're sick stay at home.

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