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for anyone 14yrs and up

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Spring Session TBA


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Spring Session TBA



Kitchen cheese making runs from 10am to 4pm.

Kitchen Cheese Making

Making cheese in your kitchen is much easier than you might first think. This class covers all of the basics and will provide a framework for further experimentation. Taught by Bull City Farm’s own Samantha Gasson you will share in her 18 years of home and production cheese making successes and failures. We’ll start with a basic overview including milk quality, bacterial cultures, coagulants and techniques designed to get you started on your own cheese making journey. You will leave with the ingredients (except the milk) necessary to make your first batch of homemade cheese.

A light lunch will be provided including a salad, bread, cheese and a sampling of our pastured meats. We'd love it if you brought an example of what you were looking for in a good cheese to share.

We will tour the farm as the cheese making process allows so please bring shoes you don't mind getting dirty.

The Cheese and Charcuterie Workshop will run from 9am to 4pm both days


Farm Animal


Every summer my camp kid's parents ask when I'll start doing camp for adults. Well folks, this is your camp! We have accumulated a broad set of skills and experiences with livestock making a lot of mistakes along the way. During this workshop we will share the good, the bad and the ugly in an honest discussion of our journey which will, hopefully, send you down the right path on your farming journey (or warn you off before it's too late). You'll learn how to manage your forage, your animals and how to best utilize the land resources available to you.
We'll start with a general overview of our livestock (equine, hogs, cows and sheep) and their dietary needs. From there we will dive into the details: vaccinations (to do or not to do), how to give a shot, hoof care, milking cows, FAMACHA testing, guardian animals, what to look for in breeding stock, fencing options, reading your soil survey, forage plans, talking to processors and more.
We will then move on to our birds (laying chickens and turkeys) and cover: keeping chickens in town and on farm,  raising turkeys on pasture, fencing options, the NC poultry processing rules and more.
This workshop is designed for people interested in farm animals even if they know they will never have any as well as those with a farm/land or farming aspirations. This class will be followed up by a  second, more in depth class in the spring that will be guided by the questions raised in the first class and the interests expressed by the participants.

The workshop will start promptly at 1pm and finish around 5pm.

sausage making runs from 1pm to 5pm.

Sausage Making

There is nothing like the smell of sausages sizzling on the stove top but there is a world of flavor that just isn't typically available at the grocery store or farmers' market. Have you ever wished you knew how to create your own signature seasoning? Once you understand the base you'll be ready to experiment with spices and fillers to craft a blend that will impress friends and family. In this workshop we'll take you through the process of making linked sausages. We'll cover grinding, incorporating your special mixes and then finally stuffing the sausages and forming the links. We'll visit the hogs on our farm and talk about the importance of meat quality and the merits of our different breeds.

You'll go home with the left overs from the day's experiments and meat from our hogs to make more sausages at home.